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Hi friends!

I know it's been awhile. I've been totally focused on getting the sequel to Song of the Summer King up and running... and it is!

Buy Skyfire:

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies!

Also, Song of the Summer King will be free to download all weekend through Tuesday, in case people need to catch up on gryfon adventures!

Download Summer King for free:

If you don't have a Kindle, Amazon has a free download of an app or a thingie to let you read Kindle books on your computer, ipad, whatever :D

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Okay, I said it last time, but I'm saying it again...No more contests for me, unless everyone wins ;)

Seriously, it took me so long because I had so many amazing entries. I'm not just being nice. AMAZING. Entries. So hard to choose. In the end, I had to choose, because I promised prizes, and all of you worked so very hard. Know it was very, very close.


SOTSK Contest Entry - Mist by dot-DOLL
Mist by :icondot-doll:
I fell in love with Mist's bright face and her personality quirks. Immediately this was a character I could see in various scenes and adventures. That coupled with the artistic details made this one stand out.


First place
Tarja by SilverFlight
Tarja, by :iconsilverflight:

I loved Silver's take on the seals of the Silver Isles, and Tarja in particular struck me as a wonderful character that I would love to know more about. The rich color and details of the image itself brought Tarja to first place.

Second Place
Sif: Contest entry by Vlydra
Sif, by :iconvlydra:

Sif has a deep and wonderful story that is a-typical of the classic "ra ra powerful gryfon" idea. I enjoyed her description, and her playful pose and creature-kinship won me (and my other judges) over.

Third Place
The Odd Bird by Griffin-Fire
The Odd Bird, by
This incredible painting and the wonderful story that goes with adds a nice, personal touch to a briefly mentioned character in SOTSK, and I enjoyed it very much.


Note: I requested that writers send their stories in an email, so I will be posting the full winning pieces by this weekend. Come back by to read!

First Place
:icontruedragon13: with a Character Scene featuring Eitri, an odd and ingenious gryfon whose strange quirks and cryptic muttering mask a tragic past...
--This scene hooked me with intriguing, cinematic imagery, and kept me reading with a fascinating character and great writing style.

Second Place
John DeVara, with Character Scene featuring Audr Urdanadottir  of the Sly clan, a proud arctic fox who overhears something interesting from a traveling wolf pack...
--I loved this writer's take on the native foxes of the Silver Isles, enjoyed the character's immediately strong personality and the overall charm and strength of the writing.

Third Place
:iconra-meenan:, with a Character Scene featuring Drifa, a young gryfess raised in safety far from the Aesir conquerors, by a benevolent snow cat of the White Mountains. Drifa's adventure is just about to begin...
--I was gripped by the opening conversation and the idea that another creature would adopt a gryfon kit and raise her in safety. Drifa's willingness to meet her first big challenge head-on made her a winning character.


First Place
Vanishing Light by Dracohydrus33
Vanishing Light,
by :icondracohydrus33: and her writing partner, Amanda Segura
--This gorgeous traditional artwork piece shows a lot of effort and is just beautiful to look at! Coupled with an action-packed story, it stood out. (Story will be posted soon).

Second Place
Bayorth by WolvenHeart-JD
by :iconwolvenheart-jd: and :iconwatersinger:
--I enjoyed this introduction to young Bayorth, and the creative ideas about the possibilities of dragons in the world of the Summer King, and the possible destiny that might link Bayorth to the future of the Silver Isles...

Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered! I and my judges truly enjoyed seeing your work and your unique and wonderful ideas for characters who might reside in the Silver Isles.</i>
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I'm hosting a character design contest to help promote SOTSK! Check out the details at my webpage here:

Please read the rules before you ask questions!

I can't wait to see some entries!!
Hi friends!

Those of you who are on the Facebook Fan Page (…) already know what I'm going to say, but I wanted to put some book news out here, too!

It's a new year and I have resolved to sell out of the first edition hard copies of Song of the Summer King. To that end, I'll be running some special promotions and opportunities throughout the month of January.

The first special is that I'm offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world to anyone who orders the book directly through me. Send $25 USD to my paypal any time during the month of January and receive your own personal, signed hardback of SOTSK, with no shipping added. Please include a note with your shipping information and any special instructions (if you'd like it signed to you, just a signature, or made out to a friend; "To Laura with love," or 'To my wingbrother' etc).

Feel free to note me here with any questions or at

Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more gryfon fun!

Fair winds!

Hello Everyone and Welcome~

I'd like to thank all who read this as well as ElementalJess's wonderful book.

This group is for the fans of the book and Jess. We welcome everyone willing to join us in the wonderful world she has created.

The groups guidelines

  • We do not have any limit on uploads, but they need to pertain to the cast and story of Song of the Summer King.
  • Be respectful to all members of the group, affiliates and guests.
  • Do not post comments in the chat that are considered advertising. These will be hidden.
  • Contributor status will be earned here. Contest winners and those who help the group will get access to view things normal members won't be able to see.
  • Common sense, please use it and act mature here. We really don't need unnecessary drama.
  • Affiliates are always welcome~